Join me in my Online Guitar Tuition to learn the ins and outs of my guitar techniques. Get lessons for specific songs, specific techniques and a wide variety of styles. Each lesson comes with full tabs and Guitar Pro files…


Step-by-step video lessons to learn your favourite songs and guitar techniques.

When I’m not on tour I spend a lot of my time teaching guitar at home and in local schools. After joining FM I couldn’t believe the amount of requests I got from people wanting to learn the guitar to specific FM songs. Not only from my students, but from FM fans all over the world. So I decided to set up an online guitar tuition program so fans of myself, FM and other bands I’ve been a part of can learn to play their favourite songs on the guitar from me personally. The idea was to only do FM guitar lessons, but as I’ve developed my online guitar tuition site I’ve started to add more lessons for other songs and guitar techniques so that you can improve your playing.

…with new lessons being added all of the time!

Try out the free lessons to see what you think!

Things to look out for…

  • Special guest appearances
  • Regular free content
  • Advanced lessons
  • Full FM hit song lessons
  • Lead guitar with Scales
  • And much more…

“Jim is one of the most versatile guitar players that I know, especially his slide playing which is superb. Sign up to his lessons to learn all his secrets.”

-Steve Overland (FM Vocalist & Guitarist)

“Jim Kirkpatrick is the real deal- a total pro who knows his way around guitars and gear big time. If I was going to learn to play 6 string, I’d be joining this site.”

John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (Status Quo bass player).